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The newspaper's primary section, dedicated to news, an in depth overview of the day's most important events. This is where Politiken sets new agendas and describes new trends with longer background stories and narratives. Section 1 contains stories from Denmark, International, Economics and Sports. On the back you will find gifted entertainment and satire from ATS. Every day with one or more current topics.

Release dates:
The policy is published every day. Skewed holidays are priced as Sundays.

The price is incl. color surcharge and excl. VAT
Broadsheet format

Text page Monday-Saturday Price per. mm 36 kr.
Text page Sunday Price per. mm 39 kr.

Examples of newspaper formats:
Front (up to 8 x 75 mm) 600 mm

Back up to 2x520

Full side (8 x 520 mm) 4,160 mm

Tabloid side (6 x 365 mm) 2,190 mm

See format overview

Placement surcharge in the 1st section:
Front page: 100%

Page 3: 40%

Pages 5 and 7: 25%

The following right-hand pages: 15%

Back: 50%

Ad production:
Politiken is happy to help with the production of advertising material or proposals for new / improvement of advertising layout. Price DKK 1 per mm (min. DKK 150 and max. DKK 1,000) including 1 correction course. Additional corrective procedures cost DKK 100 per walk.

If you have questions about indentation, prices or anything else, you can contact us on 3347 2982