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Friluftsland uses inserts in daily newspapers several times a year because it has a good effect. The purpose is partly general branding, partly here-and-now sales. We primarily measure the results of the here-and-now sales, and we have a really nice ROI with a measurable effect up to 13 days after release. Politiken's target group of quality-conscious city dwellers is a good match for Friluftsland's customers who want the best clothing and equipment on the market. ”- Claus Østergaard, Marketing Manager Friluftsland

Inserts allow you to present messages or products in a better quality than you can usually do in a newspaper ad, as the advertiser gets the opportunity to choose the paper quality, format and page numbers. Inserts can vary in scope from individual pages, entire catalogs to samples. An insert is an effective direct mail and the advertiser can reach a number of established readers directly in their mailbox - also applies to those households with "no thanks for advertising". To a much greater extent than the average Danish household, readers of Politiken have chosen to say no thanks to advertising. The effect of an insert is tested and readers experience the insert positively. It is read and creates motivation in the readers at the same time as it has a far greater effect than addressless advertisements.

The policy can include inserts every day of the week (only 1 insert per issue)

Minimum format is A5. Single sheets must not be larger than A4, tabloid (280x395 mm), larger formats must be delivered folded

Ex. brochure, an envelope or other flat material

3-5 working days before - agreed per. insert

Possible to choose "Only east of the Great Belt", "Only west" or by appointment. We can help with printing at net prices if you need to print newsprint

Delivery terms:
Bundles: Delivered blank on pallets without string or max. 1 string on the long joint. For tabloid format, apply 1 string on the long joint, max. 2 shocks per bundle Shock: Grip-friendly shocks (80-120 mm). Max. 2,900 grams pr. shock Layers on pallets: Cross-facing layer by layer with cardboard between the layers. Pallet: Do not wrap in foil

Other conditions:
Editorial material: For inserts where there is a risk of immediate confusion with Politiken's own publications (eg printing on newsprint, newspaper format, layout and layout or other content), the insert must always be pre-approved by Politiken's editorial staff, and the insert must be marked with “Ad supplement to Politiken” in min. 18-point size in bold and capitals at the top of the front

Monday - Thursday Prices apply to inserts up to 100 grams 212,000 kr.
Saturday Prices apply to inserts up to 100 grams 226,000 kr.
Sunday Prices apply to inserts up to 100 grams 241,000 kr.