Creative guideline:
• Use few, short sentences
• Largest font size
• Divide the finished spot into e.g. 3-5 sequences of 3-5 seconds duration
• Feel free to divide so that shifts take place in fixed fields
• Remember to take into account the location of the arch on Rådhuspladsen
• Use “zoom effect” for still images

During production, the following is delivered:
Elements that can meet the above creative guidelines
• Possibly ad examples from similar or current campaigns - both print and digital (pdf)
• Artwork Photo: File format = jpg. Pixel ratios must match the format of the light newspaper. Max. 3 mb Logo: File format = pdf, ai or eps. Must be delivered in vector graphics so that it is scalable Fonts: If there are requirements for the use of fonts, these must be sent in True Type format Graphic elements: Best result is obtained if the graphics are vectorized. However, it is not a requirement Video: Video must be delivered in a suitable size and last 10 sec. v / 60 fps. File format = mp4 or mov
• If there are special graphic requirements that must be followed, the relevant design manual is sent with
• Campaign message (plain text)
• Contact information on the concept manager and on the proofreader

Sent either as a zip file or a link. Attachments require you to have a Player. If you have a PC, you need a Player, e.g. and Swiff Player. Get it here

If, after following the above procedure, you still cannot see the proofreading, please contact Politikens Tegnestue at